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Castletory College in Limerick

You may recall how yesterday RTÉ’s Emma O’Kelly reported a father of a pupil in Limerick secondary school Castletroy College had requested that his daughter be able to opt out of studying religion in the school.

His request was initially rejected and he was told religion is a mandatory subject.

But, on further reflection, the school agreed last night to let the girl opt out of the subject.

However, even though she’s now allowed to opt out of the subject, she will still have to remain in the classroom while the subject is being taught.

RTÉ’s Emma O’Kelly writes:

“The school said it had a duty of care towards pupils, who needed to be supervised, and so this student would have to remain in the classroom.”

“But surely a school the size of Castletroy College – with 1,200 students – can provide some kind of alternative to youngsters who do not want to study religion? Surely out of 1,200 students this student is not the only one?

“Other schools have told parents that if they wish their child to opt out they will have to collect the child and care for them for the duration of the religion class. This is clearly unworkable.”

The Forum on Patronage and Pluralism recommended three years ago that the Department of Education develop a protocol to give clarity to primary schools on their responsibilities in this regard. It said the protocol should be accompanied by examples of good practice. This has not happened.

“… At both primary and second-level there appears to be a fear that if opting out of religion is facilitated in any way then it will become attractive, too attractive, even – perhaps – popular.”

“The ‘floodgates’ might open. But where would the harm be in that?”

If this is what parents – the primary educators of their children – want, some of them. If it’s what some young adults in second-level school want. If it’s a legal right, which it is, then surely it’s time the system accommodated that?

Blog: Religious Education opt-out highlights parents’ rights (Emma O’Kelly, RTÉ)

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Tom Tuite, in the Irish Times, reports:

“Residents at Longboat Quay apartments in Dublin have been given 18 months to complete almost €4 million worth of vital fire safety modifications.”

A court order stalls the threat of evacuation hanging over approximately 600 residents from the 298 apartments in the Dublin docklands.”


Longboat Quay has 18 months to complete fire safety modifications (Irish Times)

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Fine Gael TD Sean Conlon who has this afternoon resigned from the party

Fine Gael TD Sean Conlon, from Cavan/Monaghan, has resigned from the party, following on from the resignation of Fine Gael councillor in Co. Monaghan, Hughie McElvaney last night.

The Irish Independent reports:

“Mr Conlan said he is leaving because of Fine Gael’s failure to listen to his constituents’ views on the North South Interconnector pylon project, which will see hundreds of pylons constructed in his constituency.”

“You feel that you represent your party as best you can. My father,  my grandfather were all involved in Fine Gael and you are always proud to be involved in Fine Gael and represent Fine Gael but sometimes you feel Fine Gael is not supporting you,” he said.


‘Sometimes you feel Fine Gael is not supporting you’ – TD Sean Conlan dramatically quits the party (Irish Independent)

One of Ireland’s longest serving Councillors last night resigned from his Party over Eirgrid’s Interconncetor project (Northern Sound)

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Richie Kavanagh and Mattress Mick.

They’re planning to create a music video together (via a crowd funding campaign)


It’s being touted as the “craziest music video the Irish music industry will have ever seen.”

Paul Kelly, from Shoot Audition, writes:

This is a recording from Newstalk 106-108fm’s [Sean] Moncrieff show with Emmet Ryan. Emmet chats about our new project – Mattress Mick and Richie Kavanagh’s new music video.

Shoot Audition (Facebook)


Trouble sleeping?

“SleepAngel™ is the worlds first bedding range clinically proven to block germs, bacteria, virus, nasty dust mites and allergens from contaminating the inside of your pillow while offering a luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep.”

it says here on this email we got.

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“Waking up refreshed is the dream start to everyday for the whole family. The pillow offers relief and comfort especially to those who suffer from asthma, allergies and any other respiratory issues”


“We are giving away TWO of these medical grade SleepAngel™ pillows to a zzz-loving broadsheet reader.

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This afternoon.

Baile na Laochra (Town of the Heroes), Poppintree, Ballymun, Dublin 11

Building work starts on the site where Dublin City Council has entered into a contract with Western Building Systems to provide 22 modular homes. to wit:


1 2

Sam writes:

The first stage of modular home provision consists of two-storey, three-bedroom homes which will be available for families to move into before Christmas.  It is estimated that the cost for the provision of the 22 homes will be €4.2 million…

Modular Housing – Baile na Laochra (Dublin City Council)

(Dublin City Council)

(Sam Boal/


Constructed in 2005 at Zadar in Croatia, the Sea Organ is a 70m long ‘acoustic jetty’ designed by architect Nikola Bašić. The structure incorporates  35 polyethylene tubes of varying diameter inside which air, displaced by waves, is forced through large whistles tuned to play seven chords of five tones all day long, every day.

In 2006 it won the European Prize for Urban Public Space, inspiring the creation of Peter Richards and George Gonzalez’s Wave Organ in San Francisco.