“At the moment – this House is being forced to proceed with a costly review into IBRC’s deals – a review it must be said that is not only costly but inherently conflicted, particularly given the most recent incidence of the special liquidator [KPMG’s Kieran Wallace, formerly with IBRC] who has been assigned to conduct the review – actually joining Denis O’Brien in the High Court to injunct reports into IBRC’s business dealings and unorthodox verbal agreements between senior debtors and the [IBRC] CEO Mike Aynsley. A very worrying trend indeed…..”

Catherine Murphy TD [during a debate in the Dáil today on the sale of the government’s share in Aer Lingus], revealing that the man tasked with running the Siteserv deal review was in a joinder with Denis O’Brien in the tycoon’s legal action to injunct RTÉ News..

Good times.

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Liquidator denies conflict of interest in decision not to sue KPMG (irish Examiner, February 27, 2014)


This evening.

Leo Burdock refuses to participate in Fish ‘n’ Chips Day [where chippers have been giving away their vinegar-laced wares for half price] on account of his name not ending in a vowel.

To the mattresses!

ITICA announces the 6th National Fish & Chips Day (The Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association)

Thanks Ian Begley


This afternoon.

The participants in Exiles Vancouver where seven unfeasibly hot emigrants share a house in Canada to find out what it’s like to start life in a new country as a hot person with only a camera crew and a signed release form for company.

From Straywave Media – the people behind Fade Street and Celebrity Salon.


Bottom pic from left: Nicola Hughes, Dylan Townsend, Dean Rossiter, India Dawson, George Hutton, Jade Stone and Sean McConnon.

Exiles starts tomorrow night, Thursday at 9pm on RTÉ2.

Pictures: Tony Kinlan.


Marty Morrissey (left) and Joe Brolly

“I have spoken with Joe Brolly about the comments he made in relation to RTE Sport’s GAA Correspondent and commentator Marty Morrissey on last weekend’s Sunday Game Live broadcast. Joe is acutely aware that his ill-conceived attempt at humour was both inappropriate and extremely hurtful and had no place in any broadcast.

Further, Joe is fully cognisant of the fact that similar comments in any future broadcast cannot and will not be tolerated. Joe Brolly has spoken at length with and offered a heartfelt apology to Marty Morrissey which was graciously accepted. All parties now consider this matter closed…”

Ryle Nugent, head of RTÉ Sports this afternoon.


Pix: Balls.ie