Members of Gaza Action Ireland outside the Israeli Embassy, Pembroke Road, Dublin today renewing calls for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador.

Protesters say figures released by the Health Ministry in Gaza indicate the death toll in Gaza over the past two weeks “has risen to over 2,000, a quarter of whom are children”.

Gaza Action Ireland (Facebook)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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From We Go To The Gallery, a limited edition artworkby Miriam Elia, who sez:

‘We Go to the Gallery’ is the first in a series of Dung Beetle Learning books designed to make scary subjects approachable for the under 5s. Printed in bold colours and written in a clear and cheerful tone, each book will drag families into the darker recesses of the collective unconscious, for their broader cultural benefit.

For just as the humble dung beetle gathers faeces from the forest floor in which to lay its eggs, the child also lays its ‘eggs of knowledge’ in the turd of its own mind.

All righty then.




On tonight’s episode of The Stream:

Dr. Simon Mills
Barrister and former medical doctor

Sarah McCarthy
Spokesperson, Galway Pro-Choice

Dr Seán Ó Domhnaill
Director, The Life Institute and psychiatrist

Seána Stafford
Spokesperson, Pro-Life Campaign

Kevin Doran
Bishop of Elfin

Tonight 8:30pm on Al Jazeera.

Expect more dodgy red herrings than feeding time at SeaWorld.

Watch it live here.

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The Japanese art of Hitofude Ryuu (‘dragon with one stroke’) where the head of a dragon is created with various calligraphic flourishes and then its entire body is rendered with an oversized sumi brush in one masterful stroke, as demonstrated by masters of the art at  Kousyuuya studio in Nikko, Japan.



Grand Canal, Mespil Road, Dublin 2 today.

A giant inflatable pedestrian bridge blown up by HB Ice cream as part of their Ice Cream Commutes campaign.

Oh go on then.

Also HB classics such as ‘Twisters’, ‘Loop the Loops’ and the controversial Calippos are being given away to those who tweet or post a picture of themselves on the bridge #HBGoodbyeSerious.


(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)