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Affirmative art.

Richard Seabrooke writes:

Yes For Love  a project by myself, Gianni Clifford and Christian Rochford which aims to spread positive messaging ahead of the upcoming referendum.
We asked lots of our creative friends to come up with unique square YES graphics which we showcase here
People are then encouraged to choose and use, share and care, then finally to Vote YES on May 22nd. They’ve been popping up on social streams for the last month but we’re looking to get them out even further. With close to 150 different ones, there’s something for everyone. A mention would be amazing, thanks so much for your time.

Yes For Love



Bill Clinton co-chaired the interim Haiti government commission which dealt with billions of dollars pouring into Haiti after the earthquake in 2010.

Enter [REDACTED] in the silver chicken.

A Clinton-baiting Fox News special entitled ‘The Tangled Clinton Web’ broadcast yesterday and presented by John Roberts (top), featuring details contained  in a new book ‘Clinton Cash’ by Peter Schweizer.

Haiti segment begins at 28.24

Reporter John Roberts: “Much good work has been done in Haiti, no question. Debris has been removed, houses have been built and roads have been repaired. But to Peter Schweizer, for all that help, there are certain projects that need more scrutiny, projects the Clintons got behind.”

‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer: “You would expect that there would be high standards of transparency, that there would be high standards of accountability and there would also be ethical standards that would prevent you from giving contracts or concessions or benefits to people who are putting money in your pocket.”

Roberts: “For instance there’s the story of Digicel. Almost anywhere you go, almost any place in Haiti, you’ll see signs for Digicel, a top telecom company. The reason they have such prominence in Haiti is because, maybe, that they have friends in high places. After the earthquake, the Clintons pushed for a wireless phone based money transfer system, a useful way to allow friends and relatives to send money into the ravaged nation. “

Schweizer: “The problem is the chief beneficiary from the Clinton’s initiative is a company called Digicel, owned by Denis O’Brien.”

Roberts: “O’Brien is an Irish billionaire who made his money in the telecoms industry.”

Schweizer: ‘Shortly after the Clintons began reconstruction in Haiti and began handing out contracts some time during that period of 2010 or 2011 he made a multi-million contribution to the Clinton Foundation.”

Roberts: ‘There were also speeches.”

Roberts: ‘Bill Clinton gets paid to give three lucrative speeches which are arranged by Denis O’Brien.”

Roberts: ‘But the money flowed in both directions.’

Roverts: “Two of the speeches that Bill Clinton gives actually are sandwiched around Digicel being given a grant by the taxpayers for $100,000 dollars as part of the HMMI [Howard Hughes Medical Institute] Award. At the same time you have tax payer money, $2 million dollars, being committed to the Digicel Foundation in Jamaica.”

Schweizer: “Still the biggest profit was the tens of millions Digicel made by getting the Haiti deal.’

Roberts: “Their profits grew enormously their market share grew enormously and it really allowed them to become the biggest player by far in the Haitian mobile phone network.”

Roberts: “We requested an interview with Denis O’Brien who declined to speak with us.”

Stupid liberal media hippies.


00159468Tanaiste Joan Burton and Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Sinn Féin’s support has risen significantly by five points to 22%.
Fianna Fáil is up one point to 19%.
When [undecideds] are excluded, Fine Gael support was measured at 25% down two points
Labour has also dipped by two points to 8%.
Support for Independents and the smaller parties fell by two points to 26%.
72% of people questioned have said that they would vote yes in the Same Sex Marriage Referendum with 20% opposed to the proposal and 8% undecided.

The latest RED C/ Sunday Business Post opinion poll.

Poll taken Monday/Tuesday (before-Siteserv).


Poll suggests drop in Govt parties support (RTÉ)

1 2 35


Grangegorman British Military Cemetery, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin7.

Colin Murphy writes:

Schoolchildren from The Patrician College [Newbridge, Co Kildare] marking Anzac Day at Grangegorman Military Cemtery, The school were each wearing name badges for soldiers from Kildare killed in the war, including three from Gallipoli. There are some Gallipoli vets who died later of injuries buried there….

Yesterday: Remembering Them