Incongruous music, beautiful landscape and acres of SNOW.

Stragill, Old Mountain, Owenerk, Tonduff, all in Inishowen, Co Donegal timelapsed.

David Porter writes:

..I’m a photographer and I’ve been interested in making timelapses for quite some time but I like having the camera free for taking photos, when I recently bought a Go Pro that solved that problem , shoot the timelapse on the Go Pro and take photos with my Nikon .

As I hadn’t been out and about Inishowen taking photos as I usually do and with the arrival of the recent snow I decided it a very apt time to remedy this, so on went the all weather clothing , filled the flask with coffee and off I went out to “The Parish”

Needs more Scooter.

Moonlight Photography


Outside the Department of Justice, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin yesterday

Emily Duffy, on behalf of Uplift, a community organisation focused on ‘people powered change’ writes:

[Yesterday] we handed in a petition of over 1,200 signatures to the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald to call on her to end the direct provision system for the 4,309 asylum seekers in Ireland.

We are supporting the scheme to clear the backlog of those lives stuck in direct provision, and for the Irish government to live up to its responsibility to protect the most basic rights of everyone living on this island.

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Scheme To Clear Asylum Backlog (Irish Refugee Council)



Michael O’Riordan writes:

I know you don’t normally do this – well this may be a first – but a mislaid pair of cute kitten mittens spotted on the 7:30 pm Bus Eireann 120 bus to Edenderry [Co Offaly] last night. Left on the luggage rack upstairs probably missed when the owner got off on an earlier journey.

I alerted  in case they are a treasured pair and likely can be collected from the lost and found in a day or so. I know my little one was devastated when she lost her pair of Dora (don’t ask!) gloves a few years back.