Goog Friday 2014 018

Knocknacara looking towards Barns, Co Galway.

Thanks John Gallen


Cork Port this evening.

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Knock. Co Mayo this afternoon.

Peter Gordon writes:

“Outside Knock airport today when I got in from London.Nice to be home :-)”



TheHorror writes:

“What is Evelyn Cusack on about with her sun dancing?!”



For the day that’s in it.

Another part of UCD’s History Hub’s video series on the Battle of Clontarf – Commemorating Clontarf: 1014 through the Ages.

Mick Liffey writes:

The video looks at how the battle has been commemorated in the last 1000 years. It focuses on how the story of the battle was reshaped for political purposes at various different times in Irish history, beginning with Brian Boru’s great-grandson at the start of the twelfth century, through the romanticisation of the story in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, to Daniel ‘O’Connell’s use of the battle in the mid-nineteenth century during the Repeal movement. Finally, it looks at the relationship between the Irish Volunteers and the Battle of Clontarf at the time of the 900th anniversary in 1914, and later, on the eve of the 1916 Rising.
The video features contributions from UCD historians Dr Elva Johnston, Dr Eamon O’Flaherty, Dr Conor Mulvagh as well as Dr Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail of the UCD School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore & Linguistics. It was wholly funded by the UCD School of History and Archives.



Piper Mark Redmond (top)  plays a specially-commissioned [by Dublin City Council] piece for the uileann pipe composed by Sandie Purcell to commemorate the Battle of Clontarf.

 (Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)



Harry Byrne’s, Clontarf, Dublin last night.

It’s got a lovely head, in fairness.



Melanie Finn tweetz:

Gorgeous day for the Battle of Clontarf celebrations.

[A giant 3D printer at work at WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Company
in Shanghai, China]

Running at full speed, the company’s printer is capable of producing up to ten 650 sq. foot homes in just 24 hours. Measuring in at roughly 105 feet long, 33 feet wide, and 21 feet tall, this hulking 3D printer works almost exactly like a normal one — just on a much larger scale. It pumps a special type of pre-mixed concrete through a nozzle and onto a flat substrate in a pattern designed to give the finished house as much structural integrity as possible. Layer by layer, the house’s walls are built, and once the concrete dries, the house is outfitted with doors, windows, and a shingled roof.



This giant 3D printer can build 10 prefab homes in under 24 hours (Digital Trends)


[From top: The front pages of today's Diario Catarinense, published in Florianópolis, Brazil; Milenio Novedades, published in Yucatán, Mexico; Público Milenio, published in Guadalajara, Mexico; La Prensa, published in Panama City, Panama; Peru.21, published in Lima, Peru; and Hoy, a Spanish newspaper published in Chicago, Illinois, USA]

Latin American press react to the death of Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, who died yesterday, aged 87, as a result of complications from pneumonia.

Latin America reacts to death of literary colossus Gabriel García Márquez (Guardian)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez top 10 quotes (Telegraph)

Pics: Newseum