LiamZero writes:

I see the Irish Star wasn’t in your front pages round-up last night. Here it is (above). Apart from it being of dubious taste, would the likes of the Star not be jumping up and down in outrage if a Thai paper had printed a photo of he mangled, bloodied corpse of an Irish woman on its front page? Or is it cool ‘cos she’s just a prostitute? I’m not outraged at it myself, just rather bemused. And slightly queasy.


Neigh ‘sup?

This afternoon.

Britain’s Princess Anne attending the Nations Cup at the Dublin Horse Show, RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Great craic apparently.

More as we get it.




This afternoon.

Jessica ‘daughter of Bruuuuce’ Springsteen (top) and Georgina ‘daughter of former New York Mayor Miiiike’ Bloomberg taking part in the Nations Cup for America.