At the weekend,

County Limerick.

John Fitzgerald writes:

Defying a ban on “unauthorised photography” members of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS) travelled to observe and film part of the “Ardpatrick and Kilfinane” coursing event in County Limerick, held on Saturday and Sunday.

The footage shows hares being terrorised, struck multiple times and mauled into the ground by the muzzled dogs. A hare can be seen in the clutches of a coursing official following a mauling and this animal is clearly having its neck broken.

This footage is significant because it exposes as meaningless the so-called regulations that coursing clubs and some politicians claim “protects” hares and ensures they come to no harm when they are chased by pairs of greyhounds.

This is the so-called “traditional pastime” that TDs backed last year in whipped votes to prevent its proposed abolition, some of them lauding what transpires at these fixtures held nationwide each year between the end of September and the third week of February.

Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS)


Trick Mist – Fraction

Trick Mist writes:

‘Fraction’ is about those times when you are living as a shadow of yourself. Those rough times when you’re working towards something but it takes its toll on your personality. I was heading to India and sacrifices needed to be made in order for that to happen.

We hope when we make sacrifices that we experience reward. It’s frustrating but ultimately rewarding to come out the other side of it and feel like your full self again.

What the video director Graham Patterson has done with the visual is concealed the element of reward. It’s a striking, exposed and heavy portrayal of sacrifice and we never know whether it’s worth it or not.

So there.

Fraction by Trick Mist (Bandcamp)

Fraction (iTunes) 

A 1968 Lamborghini Espada S1 – one of the company’s only four seat grand tourers: 3.9-litre V-12 and capable of 250km/h – not bad for a half-century old car.

1,217 of these were made between1968 and 1978. They rarely come up for auction but this one can be yours for upward of €195,000.



Sally O’Sullivan writes:

If like me you’re a bit tired of the overly-saccharine and bland greeting cards out there you might enjoy this range I’ve designed, Pretty Mean.

A few as a gift pack would make an awesome stocking filler and to celebrate such a fantastic idea there’s 30% off this week , hurrah!

PS 10% of the profits from every Christmas card sold this year goes to the St. Vincent de Paul. Double hurrah!

PPS No fonts were used in the making of these cards. All were hand lettered with my own hands.

Pretty Mean

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’

The Westmeath Independent

Ronan Emmet writes:

Any of your readers have any opinion on the story (above). This car park was notorious for clamping cars.

Is it tough luck for people who were clamped and had to pay release fees or are they entitled to look for money back considering the car park did not have permission to operate as a commercial car park?


Commercial car park “had no planning permission” (Westmeath Independent)