Turn off your mind and float downstream.

Now, fancy another voucherless music kickabout?

That’s what I thought.

This week, with Peter Jackson’s new Beatles documentary making waves, I want to know: what’s your favourite Fab Four song?

Here’s mine.

Please include video links if possible.

Lines MUST close at 10.46pm Saturday Midday.

Nick says: Good luck!


Last week, I asked for your favourite song sung in German. Papi won my esteem with this entry.

“A beautiful version of Ave Maria auf Deutsch by Shubert. This is definitely my favourite. It’ll put the hairs up on your neck.”

Nick says: Danke Papi and to everyone who entered.

Last week: Win Nick’s Esteem


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‘Friendly Match’ prints by Larry Byrne

How will the championship ‘shake out’ next season?

While you wait for that….

Mark at Jam Art Prints writes:

We’ve these lovely new GAA county colour friendly match box signed prints by Larry Byrne just in – one for every county of Ireland. The first design of this comes from a traffic light box painted as part of the Dublin Canvas Project in Summer 2020.

We have one (yes, one!) print to giveaway. Just tell us a county you can’t stand and why. Best answer wins (you don’t all need to say Dublin).

Light Fight!

Lines must close at 9.45pm Saturday 3pm.

Jam Art Prints

In the run up to Christmas, we’ll be running a Jam Art Print competition here every Friday.

This afternoon.

Via Martina Devlin in the Irish Independent:

The Czech Medical Chamber is calling on the government to introduce mandatory vaccination for all adults, as in Austria, its neighbour to the south, which is imposing compulsory vaccinations for all adults from February 1.

While Ireland has no stomach for mandatory vaccination, and compliance is high in any event, there are parallel issues that need to be debated. For example, the question of an individual’s data protection versus whether people have a right to know if they are interacting regularly with someone who is unvaccinated. Are anti-vaxxer rights impinging on the rights of others to work or avail of services in a safe environment?

An employer has a duty of care toward employees, but how can they guarantee a safe working environment if they aren’t allowed to ask if staff are vaccinated? An unvaccinated chef can prepare and cook food, an unvaccinated waiter can serve it, but a customer must have a Covid pass to eat it. Such illogicalities are difficult to defend.

It’s going to take more than scare tactics to convince the vaccine resisters among us (Martina Devlin, Independent.ie)


“There’s a debate about year three by the way, should there be forced vaccines on people if this hesitancy persists. It’s a tricky thing. [WHO’s] Mike Ryan, who you may have seen yesterday, said don’t do that, that is the last resort here, you know? It’s still all about cajoling and trying to convince people to take up the vaccine.”

Professor Luke O’Neill, on Newstalk yesterday.


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Von Liz – Officially Bored

The tedium is the message.

A topical cut off Von Liz’s upcoming Our Extinction LP which will be out early next year, vinyl delays having pushed back the release date.

Von Liz writes:

“It’s basically just myself, running around an abandoned Cold War airfield like a twat.”

Nick says: Snap.

Von Liz

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This afternoon.

Dublin City University, campus, Dublin.

Under the Black Lives Matter banner, students and activists, including former political prisoner Ibrahim Halawa (top), demonstrate against an online post harshly critical of the BLM movement and George Floyd, written last year by IT lecturer Dr Mark Humphreys on his ‘personal blog‘ but recently unearthed.

Protestors claim the entry is filled with hate speech and want the computer science teacher to be fired.

DCU students to stage protest in wake of lecturer’s Black Lives Matter criticism (Sunday World)

Mark Humphreys blog



*gripts heart*

JK writes:

Now the boosters are available to all double-jabbed, is there any resistance from the vaccinated among the Broadsheet commentariat? Or will they get boosted?


Earlier: Booster Boom




Damn hipster jabs.

‘Mná na bPíob’

The Irish female pipers wiped from history.

Until now.

Linda Ni Ghriofa writes:

A trawl through the annals of Irish traditional music will quickly demonstrate that the Uilleann Pipes, one of our two national instruments, was almost completely dominated by players of the male sex throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

In this feature-length documentary film, we will follow renowned musician Louise Mulcahy (at top playing pipes owned by uilleann virtuoso Liam Óg O’Flynn) on an exciting journey to uncover the neglected stories of a group of incredible female pipers that were airbrushed out of our cultural history.

This vibrant and entertaining documentary is decorated with some incredible musical performances from Louise, Michelle and Mick Mulcahy, Máire Ní Ghráda, Molly Ní Ghrada, Mary Mitchell-Ingoldsby, Rosaleen O’Leary, Heather Clarke, Marion McCarthy, Síle Friel, Jane Walls, The Rowsome family, Paddy Moloney and many more.

Mná na bPíob on Sunday, December 19 at 9.30pm on TG4.

Pic: Victor Tzelepis

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Professor Guido Pieles (above) said the recent spate of footballers collapsing, such as FC Sheriff Tiraspol star Adama Traore on Wednesday night (top), as “terrifying” but a “coincidence”

This morning/afternoon.

Further to a recent spate of high-profile heart problems and collapses among professional footballers…

…Via Mail Online:

Professor Guido Pieles, who leads the Sports Cardiology Clinic at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, said there was no evidence that heart problems were occurring in footballers more frequently and he believes any cluster of incidents is a ‘coincidence’.

At present I would say this is still a coincidence,’ Professor Pieles told Sportsmail.

‘I don’t think we can say this is suddenly increasing, I don’t think it is increasing particularly in football.

‘Footballers are certainly not the athletes that have the highest volume and intensity of training. Endurance runners, Tour de France cyclists, and rowers they train much longer hours.

‘It cannot be said that in the last year or two years they train more but over the last 10 years that is true.

The game has got faster but also people are fitter. If you play football in the Premier League, you have done this since seven or eight years old.’

‘It’s terrifying but it’s a COINCIDENCE’: Leading cardiologist says footballers should not panic (MailOnline)

Last night: ‘Urgent Medical Care’



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